Suksma Bali Night 2018

Suksma Bali is a grand event with a social mission to preserve Bali with its nature, culture, art, and social tradition.  Suksma Bali is a spiritual event to reflect gratefulness and honor for being blessed with life.

The main events are divided into three programs. First, the World Clean Up Day which had been successfully established in last September in 29 areas across Bali simultaneously, involving 27,000 participants.

The second program is a symposium themed Bali Host Meets Supporters which is an event to unite stakeholders in Bali and supporters from multiple parties to have a discussion about improvements for Bali in the future.

Finally, Suksma Bali on December 15 with Suksma Bali Gala Dinner and Awarding Night which involved 1,000 guests.

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