SPINE20 2022 was officially opened on Thursday, 4 August 2022 in the presence of the host of
Indonesian Spine Society and the founding and collaborative societies namely Saudi Spine Society,
The North American Spine Society, German Spine Society, Brazilian Spine Society, The Spine Society
of Europe, Italian Spine Society, and Japanese Society for Spine Surgery & Related Research.
Seven symposia and multiple sessions over a course of two days, a comprehensive program
developed by internationally represented by multidisciplinary spine experts held in hybrid
platform with total 100 online participants and 40 in-person participants from 23 countries.
SPINE20 is an advocacy group founded in 2019 by EUROSPINE, German Spine Society, North
American Spine, and Saudi Spine Society in an effort to improve spine care on a global level through
recommending policies in the G20 countries that help them alleviate the burden of spine disease
through various means including stimulating better spine health, advance spine research,
enhancing spine innovation pathways and improving spine care and treatments.
The main goal of SPINE20 is to develop evidence-based policy recommendations for the G20
governments to reduce the burden of spine disease, disability, and injuries.

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