ASEAN +3 Task Force Meeting ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies Meeting

The ASEAN +3 Task Force meeting which was held on 2-3 February 2023, opened a series of ASEAN Chairmanship agendas for Indonesia in the financial sector. Co-chairmanship with Japan for the ASEAN+3 cooperation forum (China, Japan and Korea).

The meeting series continued with the ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies Meeting- Working Group (AFCDM-WG) on 6 to 10 February 2023.

Attended by 532 delegates with 267 in-person foreign delegates with the total of 13 meetings along with 4 Hospitality Programs which specially designed to give delegates experience of Indonesia’s diversity including an exhibition with theme “Discover Sumatra” which participated by 61 Sumatra’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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